The $1,629 “District” Grant will cover stipends for temporary personnel and reliable Wi-Fi to collect data and provide referral letters for patients on-site at the Riverside University Health System (RUHS) Mobile Clinic. This on-location data collection will allow better follow-up for the patients who are primarily families of low-income veterans.

Funding for the Mobile Clinic will go directly to increasing capacity by purchasing portable Wi-Fi. This grant brings tremendous value to the outreach program for both patients and physicians. With reliable Wi-Fi in these remote locations, physicians will have real-time access to RUHS’s medical records system, so that current patient records will be accessible and new patient records will be entered during the appointment. This makes for a more thorough and complete experience for the patient.

Last Fall, an additional $1,576 was provided to RUHS by a collaboration of four of Riverside’s Rotary Clubs. Those “Disaster Relief” Grants provided Personal Protective Equipment for workers at additional RUHS Mobile Clinics held around Riverside County.

Nicole Orr, Senior Director of Development at RUHS, reminds us of past Mobile Clinic experiences: “Services include general health exams, behavioral health assessments, vaccinations, and ultimately referral and recommendations to reach the services of Riverside University Health Systems in locations most convenient to the patient.”