Join us this Wednesday as we hear from Lary Townson about 911 emergencies and how to save lives when there is violence involving weapons.

Lary has been involved in Emergency Medicine for over 30 years. For most of those years his job was to sell Emergency Medical Paramedic Equipment to Paramedic Fire Departments and Ambulance Companies in most of Southern California, plus Clark County Nevada (Las Vegas, Laughlin). He also trains Paramedics on the correct use of new emergency medical products when they were developed.

Lary is currently the National Director of the Law Enforcement division of Emergency Medical Products Inc. He has helped train hundreds of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States on how to save their lives as well as civilians when injured by weapons, particularly gunshot and stabbing wounds. He’s also help train hundreds of schools and churches for the same reason. His law enforcement and school training programs have been featured on: ABC, CBS and NBC / TV News, plus several radio stations, newspaper and magazine articles throughout the U.S.