Our speaker this week is Victoria Bentley, PhD., the International Chair of the Rotary Club of Palm Springs.

Victoria is helping her club sponsor an International Global Grant to bring clean water to impoverished communities in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.

Specifically, the grant targets Pygmy tribes whose survival is threatened by modern culture, and whose ancient knowledge of the jungle forest may be lost forever without outside help.

The project intends to build a water system that delivers spring water to…

1) eliminate waterborne diseases and reduce infant mortality, and

2) increase food production to reduce malnutrition and generate much-needed income.

She’s been working with Rotary in Congo since 2008, helping the people there rebuild their lives after a terrible war from 1996-2003.

Over time, she’s gotten to know this Pygmy tribe, been to their village, and photographed them, which is unusual since Pygmies are shy and keep to themselves.

Her slideshow is unique in that way and promises to be very interesting.

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