Our presenter on Wednesday, June 16, will be H. Vincent (“Vince”) Moses. Ph.D.  This will be the third presentation our club has heard from this popular local historian.

The title of this week’s presentation is “Her Majesty’s Golf Links”.

Vince will examine the history and key personalities surrounding the origin and development of Riverside’s Victoria Club, the second oldest golf club in California.  He will further assess its place in the rise of golf in the American consciousness during the first half of the 20th century. 


H. Vincent (“Vince”) Moses. Ph.D.
Vincate & Associates Historical Consultants

Former Director of the Riverside Metropolitan Museum (now Museum of Riverside), Dr. Vince Moses specializes in the diverse cultural history of Southern California, especially the citrus era.  Moses is the chief consulting Museum historian for the ongoing development of California Citrus State Historic Park in Riverside, California.

He is a published author with scores of Museum catalogs and publications, and scholarly articles in journals such as Harvard’s Business History Review, California History, and the Journal of Church and State, and with his wife Cate authored The Victoria Club: A Centennial Edition in 2003.  Vince and Cate’s recent book, Henry L. A. Jekel: Architect of Eastern Skyscrapers and the California Style, 1895-1950 came out in 2017, tracing the life and works of this nationally renowned architect. They were Senior Editors and essayists for Riverside Art Museum’s catalog for its Getty funded project entitled Myth & Mirage: Inland Southern California, Birthplace of the Spanish Colonial Revival.

Vince and Cate Whitmore operate VinCate and Associates, a two-person consulting firm specializing in historic preservation and Museums.