Please join us at our next meeting where we will be hearing from Barbara Edivan.

Barbara came to Riverside as a 4th grader in 1961. Her family owns the popular Italian restaurant, Rocco’s for over 35 years. Barbara graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in the early 70s and relocated to Orange County where she gained marketing and advertising experience working with advertising agencies mainly serving home builders in master plan developers.

In the early 80s, Barber became a freelance writer, working from her home office long before there was technology to support it. She returned to Riverside in 1983 and continues to work with Orange County and LA agencies as their freelance copywriter, create content for websites, online video, radio, and print campaigns as well as a variety of other assignments including Community naming and Street naming.

If you’d like to join as a guest, please message us here, on our Facebook page or contact us on our website.