The Rotary Club of Riverside (TRCR) is proud to award $36,500 in scholarships to 28 recent graduates of Riverside High Schools. Community Service is an important qualification for TRCR’s “Golden Anniversary” award. In addition to their academic achievement, these students have an impressive list of volunteer hours.

The Rotary Club’s “Golden Anniversary” Endowed Scholarship Fund (GASF) was established in 1970 with donations from TRCR members and others. The purpose of the GASF was to provide scholarships to Riverside High School graduates to help them finance their first-year college tuition.
Managed by members of TRCR since its inception, the GASF has supported the college education of more than 650 graduates of High Schools throughout the City of Riverside.

On August 10th, the awards were presented to 10 graduates of Poly High, and on August 19th, to 18 graduates of Ramona High. Faculty Advisors Brian Schulte and Mark Lim (Poly and Ramona, respectively) were very helpful assisting the applicants in preparing their scholarship applications.